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The expansion of our foundation's work  beyond "The Path to Newton," into life science, was inspired by a talk that Professor Alyssa Goodman gave at a conference entitled "FROM THE ORIGIN OF LIFE TO THE FUTURE OF OUR LIVES: A SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO HEALTH" at  the University of Padua in 2019.  In that talk, Prof. Goodman endeavored to explain the "steps" along a "Path" that researchers needed, collectively, to take to achieve a predictive and explanatory theory like Newton's.  Today, the "Padua Rainbow" is a key element of the full Prediction Project.  Not all "Paths" include all the colors of this rainbow, as Goodman originally explained in Padua.   Below, we include The "Padua Rainbow" page from the free and open educational site inspired by the PredictionX and Prediction Project efforts at Harvard and beyond.

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